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    • High energy levels for your workout! 
    • Improved muscle strength and great endurance during workouts! 
    • Full body hydration, improved endurance, and increased pumps when working out!


The post-apocalyptic world needs Outbreak Serum; a highly-potent, nitric oxide amplification and muscle volumizing agent that should be consumed 30 minutes before strenuous activity or when superhuman strength is required. When a non-stimulant boost is needed, use Outbreak Serum on its own, or stack it with VIRUS for an extra intense nitric boost that will have you performing and surviving at peak levels.

Underlining Serum’s performance are a combination of compounds that offer multiple pathways of muscle hydration alongside nitric oxide boosting benefits, but the key performer is a myostatin-reducing ingredient called epicatechin. Myostatin is a protein signal molecule that contributes to the breakdown of muscle and epicatechin has been proven to reduce these levels. The result? Less muscle wastage and more ass-kicking.



  • Take 1 scoop of Serum mixed with 250ml of cold water 30 minutes prior to exercise

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